What is Yoga Therapy?

Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and hopefully healing to the body-mind, yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools (postures, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more) to address an individual's physical, mental, and emotional needs.

You need not be ill or disabled to benefit from yoga therapy! Find out what a yoga therapy session entails.

Whole Yoga & Pilates offers private (one or two students) and small-group yoga therapy courses. Small-group courses are targeted to a specific concern or condition. Upcoming therapeutic offerings:

Yoga Therapy Series for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

PLEASE CONTACT US TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST TO RECEIVE INFORMATION WHEN WE NEXT OFFER THIS COURSE. A unique evidence-informed 8-week series blending yogic tools with contemporary neuroscience principles. If you are anxious, depressed, or simply stressed out, this course offers concrete coping tools—and for many students a radical shift in perspective. Although we’ll do a moderately active practice, no previous yoga experience is required; if needed, we can arrange private instruction before the course begins. $395 course fee includes manual and companion weekly audio practices. Email Laurie for more information and to register.

Please check your schedule before registering; to get the most benefit from this series, you will be committing to the full 8 weeks when you do so. (If you find that you need to miss more than 1 class in the session, we will need to arrange a makeup. I offer these hour-long sessions at a discounted rate of $80.)

Many students choose to take the course more than once—a great idea, as there's lots to learn. Please ask me about discounted rates for series alumni!

Yoga Therapist Training

Although yoga therapists do not diagnose or treat diseases or conditions, they should have in-depth training in anatomy, physiology, and mental health; this allows us to interact with clients' other healthcare professionals effectively and to competently suggest referrals when needed. It is generally considered appropriate for a yoga therapist to have completed at least 1,000 hours of specialized training that includes significant grounding in yogic philosophy. (All yoga teachers at Whole Yoga & Pilates have completed a minimum of 200 hours of training, and in many cases much more.) Good yoga therapists maintain their own intensive dedicated yoga practices.

Whole Yoga & Pilates offers continuing education sessions for yoga instructors and therapists. (Ask us for more information!) Laurie is also honored to be working with Maryland University of Integrative Health to help train others in the high-quality application of yoga as therapy.

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