Preparing for Yoga & Pilates Practice

Both yoga and pilates are powerful practices, but they take time to bear fruit. You may well see results beginning immediately, but to create deep and lasting change in body or mind requires a longer-term commitment. (This is why we make our Unlimited Membership our lowest per-class rate!)

"One major difference between yoga and many other approaches to healing is that yoga builds on itself, becoming more effective over time." –Timothy McCall, MD

Try to come to yoga and pilates with no expectations—whatever form your practice takes on a given day is the perfect practice! Before an individual class, you might want to think about setting an intention for that hour—maybe you’d like to focus on opening your hips or softening your heart, or you’d like to let go of a tough day at the office, but that doesn’t mean you need to judge your own (or someone else’s) progress toward a goal. Let your experience unfold.

Can I take classes at Whole Yoga & Pilates if I’m a beginner, or if I have an injury?
In general, yes! We are committed to helping everyone enjoy the benefits of yoga, but please consult your physician before practicing with us. All yoga poses can be modified, and our instructors are experienced with students of every level.

If you find yourself struggling or not feeling challenged, please let us know! Bear in mind that our classes are "open-level," so you may need to take modifications offered by your instructor, or attend one or more private sessions to get the most out of future group classes.

Studio Guidelines

PLEASE ARRIVE FOR CLASS ON TIME; all sessions start promptly, and we may need to lock the front door. This is because of our small operation, but also because every class begins with centering and information you'll need for that day's practice.

CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE STUDIO SPACE. Please leave cell phones and other valuables at home or in your car and bring only what you must have for a comfortable practice into the studio suite. This is your time to unplug and reconnect with yourself!

WEAR NON-RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING, PREFERABLY LIGHT LAYERS that you can remove as needed; comfort is the most important consideration. Yoga is practiced barefoot. We have cubbies for storing your outerwear and shoes.

DON'T WEAR PERFUME OR STRONGLY SCENTED BODY PRODUCTS TO CLASS. (AND PLEASE DON'T SMOKE BEFORE YOUR PRACTICE!) You will be breathing deeply, and detectable scents can disturb your practice and that of your fellow students. Gum is also not permitted in the studio—combined with deep breathing it's a health hazard!

Unfortunately, Whole Yoga & Pilates does not have the space (or staff) for childcare. We hope to be able to offer family yoga classes eventually, so stay posted! Until that time, PLEASE LEAVE KIDS UNDER 15 AT HOME.

Helpful Tips

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF. You will get the most benefit from a consistent practice. As the Yoga Sutras note, a practice will succeed only if it is followed for a long time without interruption; the greater the effort, the greater the attainment.

DON'T BE AFRAID OF A CHALLENGE! “Power Yoga” can sound intimidating, but students are often amazed at how quickly their bodies adapt and accommodate to even a rigorous class when they commit to a regular practice and move mindfully. Achieving crazy poses, however, is not the goal. Standing on your head can be invigorating, but the practice itself is the point—your journey is its own reward!

EVERYONE WILL NEED A YOGA MAT. We have a limited number of mats available to borrow; once you know what type you prefer, we recommend that you purchase your own. Whole Yoga & Pilates stocks several types, including great natural-rubber mats from Jade, and we’re happy to help you choose the best type for your practice.

IT'S BEST TO PRACTICE BOTH YOGA AND PILATES ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. (Follow your doctor's advice, of course!) If you get too hungry, you might try eating a piece of fruit no later than 40 minutes before class. Be sure to re-hydrate after your practice.