Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher (guru) to one student, and this is still the best way to ensure a practice that meets your individual needs. If you're working with a specific injury or condition it may also be safer to practice in an environment where you can benefit from the instructor's undivided attention.

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Several instructors currently offer private instruction in the studio. Please contact us, let us know a bit about your needs and goals, and we'll connect you with a great teacher! Note that instructors set their own schedules, prices, and policies.

We're also happy to arrange small-group classes or sessions with two or three individuals.

Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer, yoga instructor, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and strength coach Lauren Weinhold integrates traditional strength and cardiovascular training methods (using minimal equipment: resistance bands, kettlebells, and your body's own weight) with the mind-body practices of yoga, meditation, and pilates. Strengthen muscles and bones, increase joint range of motion, improve posture and balance to prevent falls and injury, increase cardiovascular health, and find new ease in movement and your breath. She works with all ages and mobility levels, individuals and small groups (three or four people) for personal training. Contact Lauren for more information and to schedule a consultation. 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga practice can include so much more than poses and stretching or strengthening the physical body. Learn more about yoga therapy, which can help you incorporate the full range of yogic tools and philosophy into your life.

Looking for Our Other Services?

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