Working With Laurie

I use evidence-informed therapeutic yoga practices to help people overcome physical and mental limitations that prevent them from living their full potential. I also serve as a resource for healthcare professionals and other yoga teachers as they integrate mind-body therapies into their own work with stressed clients.

As a member of the first class to receive a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health, I blend Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness and am always learning more. I'm also a trained pilates instructor and level II reiki practitioner, which adds to the toolkit I can use with clients.

What’s Included?

True health—physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual—requires a multifaceted approach. I believe that our human birthright is to move well beyond okayness or simple lack of disease to shine and thrive. For me, yoga as therapy provides a wonderful vehicle to allow this personal growth.

I tailor my work with individuals and small groups to suit their specific concerns and challenges. Private sessions typically include:

  • Assessment of posture, musculoskeletal function, breath, and energy drawing on both Western scientific knowledge and yogic tradition (vayus, koshas, gunas)

  • Physical yoga practices (asana, ranging from mild to challenging, depending on your needs), pilates-style exercises for stability and control, breathwork (pranayama), meditative practices (mantra, mudra, and more), and even work based on yoga philosophy (yamas and niyamas)

  • Customized home practice (audio, video, writing—whatever format[s] best support your learning)

  • Comprehensive plan that addresses both student and therapist goals

Intake Form & Policies

I am not able to take on additional new clients at this time, but I will be happy to refer you to another qualified yoga teacher or yoga therapist. If it's appropriate for you, consider my 8-week small-group yoga therapy series for anxiety, depression, and stress. (Find more information about the series here.)

Contact me to schedule a session, and please fill out an intake form to bring with you. Feel free to answer the questions as you're comfortable, and know that I keep all client information strictly confidential.

My initial session, intake, and assessment is typically 90 minutes ($120); subsequent sessions ($90) are usually 60 minutes. I offer military and senior discounts, as well as 5- and 10-session packages.

Please give 24 hours' notice to cancel an appointment; I have limited session times available, so less than 24-hour notice will incur the full cost of your appointment. I recognize that emergencies come up and make exceptions when appropriate, but please understand that your self-care should be a top priority!

Note that the yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my master of science in yoga therapy degree, not derived from my status as an eRYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.