Saturdays, Sept 8 - 29th, 2018

In this 4-week series, experienced yoga instructor and doula Vanessa Young-Miller helps pregnant individuals (those planning a future pregnancy are welcome, too) build a sustainable yoga practice to carry them through pregnancy and beyond.

No previous yoga experience is needed, and classes include visits from guest health professionals who offer additional holistic tools to support your journey. Each week you'll also receive supplies to create your labor inspiration board!
Single session $40 / All 5 sessions $200

"I loved this series! It was very non-judgmental and so much fun!"

"There was a lot of great information, and I enjoyed exploring different topics with different providers each week!"


Week 1: Smart Prenatal Yoga Modifications with Vanessa

September 8, 12:30-2:30 pm

What does an expectant mom's yoga practice look—and feel—like? We'll discuss recommendations for safety during the different trimesters and what to avoid, especially following the 16- to 20-week point. Learn modifications for poses as pregnancy progresses and accommodations for a growing baby bump, plus enjoy a relaxing meditation. By the end of this class, mamas-to-be will be equipped with the tools needed to practice freely at home or modify general group yoga classes.


Week 2: Prenatal Health & Acupuncture with Katie Herman

September 15, 12:30-2:30 pm

Acupuncturist Katie Herman discusses the energetic shifts that happen in a woman’s body from conception through birth and the postpartum period (4th trimester). Learn how different points on the body can ease common complaints of pregnancy and the labor process. We also start the discussion of what to expect during the immediate postpartum period, as well as the emotional, hormonal, and energetic imbalances that may be felt during baby's first year. You'll have the option to receive a short acupuncture treatment as Vanessa guides a meditation.


Week 3: Pregnancy Anatomy & Yin Yoga with Dr. Tom Hyland Robertson

September 22, 12:30-2:30 pm

Holistic chiropractor and yoga teacher Tom Robertson will discuss the anatomical and physiological changes that happen during pregnancy and postpartum. He offers a wonderful prenatal yin yoga practice that can easily be done at home, as well as a few ways to target trigger points to release common aches and pains (using a tennis ball). Additionally, he'll provide insight on healing the abdominal wall post-baby and a meditation to use at home.


Week 4: Childbirth Session - Education, Labor & Delivery with Vanessa

September 29, 12:30-4:30 pm (Partners welcome for this week!)

First we'll review the stages of labor, how a woman’s body is built to birth a baby, terminology you may hear from your provider, different types of interventions (including types of Cesarean), and what to expect immediately after delivery. Vanessa will also offer insight from her two different birth experiences. Next, we'll explore labor positions, including the use of a yoga ball, plus yoga breathing techniques and ways a partner can support a birthing mother. Each student (and her partner if attending) gets to practice through three “contractions” similar to active labor. We'll also have time for discussion of postpartum care and Q&A.



In addition to this unique series, we also offer weekly prenatal yoga classes, and a 15% discount to Prenatal Wellness Series attendees on the Yoga for Pelvic Health workshop with Lauren Weinhold. See more details on our Special Events page.