Pricing & Policies

We believe in making yoga and pilates practice accessible, so we offer options to suit your schedule and budget. Class pack and unlimited options require a valid email address. 


Get started with 5 classes for $25 (classes must be taken within 25 days).
Ongoing special includes regularly scheduled classes only;

Please note that pass expirations cannot be extended. We hope you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy your classes within the allotted time—our students’ regular practice is what keeps our studio afloat and our community vibrant!—but please contact us if you didn’t manage to use all of your classes before the expiration date.


Our most popular option!
Your choice of 10 regularly scheduled classes (classes must be taken within 6 months; see above). 



The most affordable way to enjoy all the regularly scheduled classes you like—
commit more fully to your practice with great options every day of the week! Three-month initial commitment (billed monthly, not all at once) with auto-renewal each month; please check the box to save your credit card info in Tula's secure system. (No-contract/month-to-month unlimited is $128.) We'll give you a copy of the below membership agreement when you come in for your first class, or you can print it and fill it out in advance.

Membership Agreement (PDF)

If you need to, you can freeze your membership once per 12-month period (2-week minimum, 8-week maximum). To request the freeze, please email us a completed Freeze Request (PDF) form as far in advance as possible; we will make every effort to process your request before your next billing date. Your membership will automatically be reactivated following the end of your requested freeze period.

MEMBERSHIP PERKS: 10% off workshops and regular-price studio merchandise, plus a free pass to bring a friend (earn one per quarter)!
Members, please purchase your workshops in the studio so we can apply your discount!

ADDITIONAL UNLIMITED: $88 For subsequent family members living in the same household as current Unlimited Members. (This option can only be purchased in the studio with a current ID.)



Walk-ins welcome, space permitting (or purchase and reserve your spot online). Try a class with us!



10% off* drop-in classes, 10-class packs, and workshops for

  • Active-duty military and first responders

  • Seniors (65 and over)

  • Full-time high school and university students

Although you'll be able to reserve class space online after your initial purchase, you'll need to bring in your ID and pay in the studio at first. If you are entitled to one of these discounts and it helps to make your yoga practice more accessible, by all means use it! On the other hand, we are an extremely small business seeking to make yoga and pilates available to as many people as possible, including those who might not be comfortable in a large-studio or gym environment, so please don’t take advantage of us. (*The discount does not apply to unlimited membership or intro offer purchases.)

Please let us know if paying for your classes is a financial burden. We maintain a bank of credits donated by the studio and by generous students. We distribute these credits on a case-by-case basis.

Payment Policies

Please note the auto-renew policy for the Unlimited Membership and Additional Member Unlimited passes.

If you reserve a class spot and don’t arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time, your space may be given to another yogi (and you will use a class credit); if you preregistered and find that you are unable to attend, please email the studio. We KNOW traffic around here can suck (we drive in it, too!), so please plan accordingly so you can arrive with plenty of time to settle in. Please also note that students are NOT required to sign up for regular classes in advance; we simply recommend doing so to ease check-in at the studio and to ensure that you have a spot.

If you are habitually late to class, we may ask you to review your schedule to find class times that work better for you; this is not only to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us, but also for the safety of students, staff, and instructors.

Purchases are non-refundable. Please note that workshop registrations may not be canceled. (Under certain circumstances we may be able to transfer workshop registrations to a different event; if the studio must cancel a workshop we will issue you a credit or refund.)

Why do you charge me even if I can’t make it to my class/session?
Today most of us have become accustomed to doing business mostly with big companies (even many yoga studios in our area are chains or franchises). Whole Yoga & Pilates is NOT big business, and really the only “commodity” we have to sell is our time and expertise. When you book a class or a session with us, you are reserving some of that limited time or a space in class, which then cannot be promised to someone else. You see where this is going, right? Whereas a larger company might be able to absorb the cost of missed classes and sessions relatively easily, Whole Yoga & Pilates cannot. We’re also trying to encourage folks to truly make time in their lives for their practices—it’s that important, and that beneficial! (A little self-interest here: the more people who commit to a regular mind-body practice, the better a place our world is to live!)

We completely understand that life happens and do occasionally make exceptions to this policy (one of the benefits of being a small business is that we get to decide these things on a case-by-case basis). But if we DO charge you for a missed class/session, no hard feelings, OK? We’re not judging, just trying to make sure our services are available for those who need them. Thanks for understanding!

Why do your passes expire?
Simply put, the more consistently you do yoga, the more effective the practice becomes. A little extra incentive to practice regularly helps you, and it helps your studio keep classes available on the schedule.

As a private business, we reserve the right to refuse service to individuals who do not abide by our policies or who are just not nice to our staff, instructors, or other students. Please practice ahimsa and asteya—and just be nice!