Our Pilates Classes

Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a floor mat or small equipment. It evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates and can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs. Pilates builds strength, focusing on key areas of the core, without excess bulk. It teaches body awareness, good posture, and easy, graceful movement. Pilates also improves flexibility and agility and can alleviate back pain when practiced regularly.

Click on the titles below to see when each type is offered at our studio.

Mat Pilates
You will work AND have fun with the classical beginner/intermediate floor series. Our instructors draw on the most respected pilates traditions (Power Pilates, Stott, and more) to continually refine and challenge the body's movement patterns. We sometimes use props, and we always emphasize the incredible core strengthening and grace that make pilates so popular. Pilates is a wonderful complement to your yoga practice, or great mind-body work on its own.

Pilates Fitness
Key pilates principles and exercises, fused with the best personal training techniques and incorporated into a moderately intense workout oriented to overall fitness. This class often includes more standing postures than classical pilates. It's a great way for students of all experience levels to really get moving!

Pilates on the Ball
Reduce back pain, improve your balance and stability, and strengthen your entire body with the Pilates on the Ball. Instructors will guide you through a fun and empowering practice, using stability, weighted, tennis/lacrosse, and medicine balls. Appropriate for all levels. 

These classes are suitable for beginners. Just let your instructor know that you're new to practice; they will likely offer you options to help modify the exercises while you become accustomed to them.

NOTE: Students are NOT required to sign up for regular classes in advance, but we recommend doing so to ease check-in at the studio and to ensure that you have a spot. Purchases are non-refundable. If you pre-register for a class and find that you will be unable to attend, please email us; if you have not arrived by 5 minutes before the start of class your spot may be given to another student. Please see Pricing & Policies for additional info.